What is Insulation? Can it be more?


Insulation is a common term we all associate with something hidden in the walls and up in the attic that is generally understood to keep us cooler or warmer. But really, is that all there is to it? We are not going to bore you with scientific jargon and gobble-gook… but rather explain that insulation is measured by how effective it is in reducing the amount of “heat” transferring through it. The effectiveness is measuring the “resistance” or “R-value” per inch of material used. One inch of a particular material may have an “R-value” of 2.8, whereas another one inch of material may have an “R-value” of 7.1. The higher the R-value number, the greater “Resistance” to heat flowing through the material.


​ But, can it be more than just “insulation”? Yes, in fact certain types of materials are excellent at reducing the amount of sound transfer through them. Open Cell spray foam is an example of insulation that offers great reduction in sound transfer.


Other insulation materials are considered “air barrier” materials that allow such low amounts of air transfer – they are considered air barrier materials. Closed cell spray foam is an example of insulation material that prevents air from moving through it.


While there are many different material types of insulation, there is usually one type that is best suited for a particular installation. Even blown-in loose fill materials have different properties with different “R-values” and effectiveness.


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