Window Washing Made Easy – The best ways to Clean Windows Like a Pro


Have you ever watched an expert window washer do his/her job, as well as ask yourself just how s/he does such a perfect task so quickly, and only with the most basic of tools? When it concerns window washing, there are some vital tricks of the trade that you need to find out, before you can be certain in the fact that you clean home windows like a pro. Believe it or not, when you know just what you’re doing, you may really find that you appreciate window washing.


The first technique is to arm on your own with the right window washing tools. This includes a good quality squeegee. applicator, scraper, window container, and also microfiber cloths. The squeegee must be a 10″ to 16″ professional top quality brass or stainless steel squeegee, depending on the size of window you’ll be cleaning. To match the work your squeegee will do, you’ll also desire a top quality window scrubber as well as potentially an expansion pole if you’ll be dealing with high windows. You don’t wish to leave lint on the window from your towels, so we recommend using microfiber towels, which are lint-free. You may likewise consider acquiring a tool belt especially created to hold your window washing tools. This will enable you to complete the job quicker – you’ll should do less flexing by establishing one tool down and also picking an additional up.


Though window washing can be done at any moment, the most effective conditions for washing home windows are when it is an awesome, over cast (yet not rainy) day. You never ever wish to wash windows in straight sunlight because they’ll dry out too fast and leave touches.


Your strategy ought to be as follows: load your window washing pail with amazing or lukewarm water (never ever warm) as well as include a percentage of dishwashing soap. Wipe away any webs or debris on or around the window. Dip the applicator right into the container as well as run your hand across the applicator to get eliminate excess liquid. Damp the window with the applicator and scrub. The window will start to feel clean when it is done, as it will certainly no longer have any kind of harsh spots. If you need to make use of a scraper to obtain rid of stubborn areas, make certain that the window is wet – never scuff a completely dry window.


Now for the streak-free window. When window washing, you can ensure that you will not leave any kind of touches by using a completely dry rubber blade. Location this blade against the top of the window, and also take down efficiently, making use of a rag to dry your blade between each stroke. Repeat this procedure till the window is full, making sure to overlap the dry side of the squeegee with the completely dry section of the window in order to protect against drips and streaks. To complete the window, you have to do one final stroke from delegated right at the extremely lower of the window. Make use of a dry microfiber fabric as well as run it around the edges of the window to absorb any type of staying drips.


As you boost your basic window washing technique, you might wish to find out other strategies such as the swirl, which could make the task go even quicker. When using the more advanced techniques you’ll be able to wash a window in one action without having to quit and clean your squeegee between strokes.


Congratulations, you currently have a sparkling clean window!


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